Plasterboard - A Construction Measurement For Modern Homes

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Plasterboard is a composition of powdered plaster, usually extruded or molded between stiff sheets of backer and facer paper, most commonly used in the building of ceilings and interior walls. It is a versatile material for many different applications, and one of the most common materials on which sheet vinyl is printed. It has the ability to be cut into almost any shape and size, and also has an excellent reflective qualities. It can be painted any color as well. Plasterboard's durability, strength, and resistance to abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and insect damage make it a very cost effective building material.

Plasterboard has two major components, the base (or backing) and the gypsum board (or surface layer). The base is composed of cement, sand, or a combination of these materials to which the plasters are attached. The gypsum board is the covering over the plasterboard, and is the final finish. A proper installation of plasterboard requires competent handling of both materials.

When plasterboard is used for interior wall framing, it consists of two panels. The first panel is solid, consisting of a thick layer of drywall. This panel serves as a frame around the opening of the door, keeps the door from slipping from its hinges, and provides a smooth surface for walking on. The second panel, called the edge panel, is textured in order to prevent abrasion from its edges. If a panel is damaged, it can be replaced, but the repair is likely to be costly, time-consuming, and may require a new construction for the opening.

One of the most common uses of plasterboard is as an interior wall, particularly in closets. Its appearance will resemble that of drywall or gypsum boards. It can be easily glued to the interior walls of closets, where it provides an impermeable covering for holes or gaps, and can even act as a means of insulation. A bonus advantage of plasterboard is that it has excellent sound insulation properties, keeping sounds from entering through cracks along the wall.

Plasterboard can also be used to conceal doors and windows, and even to protect them from damage. The plasterboard panel can be positioned along the edges of the door or window frame to conceal any sharp edge or jagged part. The smooth finish of plasterboard makes it ideal for this application. The same application can be done to ceilings, which can be decorated with small moldings. There are no gaps in the plasterboard panels, so there is no danger of moisture entering through tiny openings.


Plasterboard is also commonly used in the bathroom, as it is easy to clean and maintain. Since the surface is smooth, there are no marks left on the walls, which decreases the need to caulk or paint the surfaces, which can lead to water damage or health hazards. Bathrooms that do not have a countertop are especially good candidates for the installation of the standard plasterboard. The board can be painted with any color, but its base should be made from a material that has good fire resistance. The most common base is plywood.


When shopping for plasters, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer's information. Some manufacturers provide information on the material they use, its density, thermal expansion, fire resistance, and slip resistance. The type of board being used for plasters also plays an important role. While polyester and fiberglass are generally considered to be the best performers when it comes to slip resistance, acrylics offer more flexibility in shapes. Acrylics are also said to be better fire retardants.


The most common installation method for plasterboard is self-adhesive installation. However, there are some situations where other installation methods are required such as the application of wallboard screws. In some cases, the application of drywall screws or drywall anchors may be needed. All in all, a professional contractor should be hired to install the plasterboard in your home. The correct installation instructions should be followed and only after the board is applied properly and has been properly aligned should it be painted high waisted gym tights australia.

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