Elder Scrolls Online: IGMeet 7 Tips For Leveling Up Quickly - 2023 ESO Guide

This one is for simple folk. You just start another character and do quests as fast as you can in zones that you don't hate too much yet.

Welcome to the Power Leveling and Champion Points Grind Guide for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). This leveling guide is dedicated to increase your experience gains as fast as possible. That way you can level up fast or give you set items as well as ESO Gold and experience

Create Your Character

The Elder Scrolls Online offers 10 races to choose from and each is unique. While you CAN change a character’s race later with a Race Change Token purchased from the Crown Store, I would recommend you review the Race Guide and choose something you think you’d enjoy.

The next choice you need to make in the character creation screen is class. There are six classes in ESO and classes CANNOT be changed later. You can review the Class Guide to make an informed decision.


ESO has literally thousands of potential named locations that you can find acrossTamriel and add to your map, and each time you do, you get free experience. In addition to this, completing and clearing certain locations like Delves, Dungeons and Dolmens gives you an extra, one-time experience boost that's absolutely massive. All of this experience of course is amplified further by things like experience scrolls and the other bonuses we mentioned before.

Not only this, but as you explore you also have more chances to find things like treasure chests (which can give you set items as well as gold and experience), and of course Skyshards which can be combined to give your character skill points, helping you unlock new skills that can make your character stronger. As you explore, also don't forget to read every bookshelf you come across as these can give you free skill points too in specific skill lines, and watch out for Lorebooks, especially mages guild books if you are a magicka focused character.

Just questing

This one is for simple folk. You just start another character and do quests as fast as you can in zones that you don't hate too much yet. There are lots of roadmaps for such questing: it mainly includes doing only worthy quests. That is, the ones that give you reasonable amount of XP and are not very demanding and time-consuming. Each zone has such leveling strategies and if you're willing to do "fast questing", there are numerous websites to help you with that

Fast Travelling In ESO

An important note about fast traveling in ESO. When a wayshrine is unlocked you can fast travel to it. However this will cost you in-game gold. At the beginning of the game you will have the opportunity to visit a bank and read the Housing Brochure. This quest allows you a one-time chance to get a free room (house) in ESO. You can choose any one of the following by entering into the bar and talking to Felande Demarie. She offers you a return in return for you assistance peacekeeping. This becomes your first house. You can store furnishings there and other things that we will discuss later. But for now it also means that you have a way to quick travel for free from nearly any location in the game back to your home. This will save you a ton of money.


You can also get a percentage increase in experience simply by grouping with another player. The percentage changes depending on how many group members you have, increasing the XP for each player and splitting it amongst them. The ideal amount is two players per group, but 2–4 is just fine for grinding. More people means better DPS and faster completion, after all!

Keep in mind that you still have to be in the area to gain XP from group kills, so you won’t get the bonus if your group members are in different zones or offline.


Dungeons give lots of EXP as well as gear. Doing a random Dungeon for the first time in a day gives 4 times the normal EXP and additional rewards upon completion, so it’s a good idea to do these once you are high enough level, which is level 10.

On top of that, every Dungeon has a quest that you can complete only once. These quests give a Skill Point upon completion, so it’s a good idea to focus doing all Dungeons before reaching level 50 so that you get most Skill Points out of it. To play a specific Dungeon go to upper right corner and click on an arrow next to Random Normal Dungeon line and choose Specific Dungeon. You will only be able to run Normal Dungeons until you are a much higher level.

Here is a tip on how to use Ambrosia and Experience Scrolls with Dungeons and Quests to get the most out of it. Do multiple quests outside Dungeons but don’t turn them in. Just get to the end where you see ‘Complete Quest’ option. DO NOT CLICK THAT! Use ‘Leave’ option and do as many quests as possible like that. When you are happy with the amount of quests you’ve done up to Complete Quest option, go for Random Daily Dungeon (one a day). Pop Ambrosia or Experience Scroll right before final boss fight. That way you get increased EXP from the boss kill and increased Dungeon completion EXP on top of it already being increased by 4x because it is the first random dungeon done in a day. After completing the dungeon, finish all the quests by using Complete Quest option for increased EXP. Exp Scroll and Ambrosia will stay active for some time after doing all of this, so go for one or two more dungeon runs while increased exp effect is still active.

Daily Rewards

XP scrolls can also be earned as Daily Rewards, which players can get every 24 hours. These are typically 50% XP boosts that last for 2 hours, and the longer a player gets their Daily Login bonus, the more XP scrolls they receive. For instance, the first XP scroll daily reward will usually give only one, but the last one each month typically gives four.

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