Fallout seventy six looks as if it's chasing New Vegas vibes in its next large addon

Fallout seventy six looks as if it's chasing New Vegas vibes in its next large addon

Fallout seventy six looks as if it's chasing New Vegas vibes in its next large addon

In a teaser on the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda found out that Fallout seventy six's subsequent Expedition will take vault dwellers on a holiday to Cheap Fallout 76 Items the Atlantic City boardwalk. Bethesda simplest showed off a small slice of what Atlantic City has in keep as a part of a commemorative video celebrating Fallout seventy six crossing the 15 million player mark, a determine probable helped a brilliant deal by means of the game's addition to Xbox and PC Game Pass.

Atlantic City may be constrained to the Expeditions recreation mode, repeatable PvE missions that see squads of 4 challenge outside the sport right's ruined Appalachia. The screenshots launched via Bethesda tease a dilapidated boardwalk & bustling casino ground, even though Atlantic City's confinement to the Expeditions mode implies that functions like on line casino & card games a los angeles Fallout New Vegas are not going.

It's all very "We have New Vegas at home", with Atlantic City searching content to drag double responsibility as Post Apocalyptic America's runner-up playing vacation spot. This and Season thirteen's Golden Age of Hollywood aesthetic each appear to be fishing for a number of that conventional West Coast nostalgia. I also couldn't help however observe how the panning casino pictures in the trailer show that the gamblers still use the antique "sitting at slot gadget with palms folded in lap" animation from 13 years ago. Some things, similar to war, in no way exchange.

There's no release date yet for Atlantic City, only a generalized "coming soon." The first Expedition, "Steel Reign," dropped fast after its declaration in the summer season of 2021, but "The Pitt" failed to arrive till September of 2022—I'd be amazed if we see Atlantic City earlier than Starfield's release in September, or maybe by the give up of the 12 months.

Season 13 is likewise launching with a werewolf themed public event, "Once in a Blue Moon", which remixes some each day ops and features a brand new quest with the tantalizing promise of "new cryptids". Presumably you'll be asked to Fallout 76 Weapon  murder those noble creatures and be rewarded with their skin to embellish your in-game avatar.

It's appropriate to see that Fallout seventy six continues to be going to look support even as Bethesda is counting right down to the Starfield raise-off. Fallout seventy six is presently nonetheless to be had on PC Game Pass in case you're inquisitive about dipping your ft in.

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