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Potential users must therefore carefully consider its ethical and legal ramifications prior to making their decision to utilize this device. Individuals with expectations to know about SYNTHETIC PEE and other details can feel free to visit here.

The Original Whizzinator Touch


The Whizzinator is a new device designed to aid people with passing urine drug tests and not being spotted. Since its inception, which lasted for 16 years This device is gaining a good popularity among those seeking to cheat a test.

The kits are fully-realistic and come outfitted with touch-sensitive internal pinch valves as well as 4oz reservoirs built into insulation pouches together with one vial of sterilized lab-grade Gold'n Shower synthetic urine, two heat pads that last for eight hours thermometers, two reusable refill pumps and detailed instruction including temperatures indicators as well as refill pumps that can refill.

The Whizzinator kit is designed to aid users with passing urine drug tests. It is comprised of dried urine as well as a syringe, heating pads, and an imitation penis (the shaft). The artificial urine that is used by Whizzinator includes uric acid as well as creatine. It also contains other chemicals which replicate human urine properties.

The kit includes a penis that is designed to imitate a flaccid real penis, which has an internal touch sensitive pinch valve that is built into a 4oz reservoir, temperature indicator and two eight hour heat pads as well as detailed directions. All purchasers of this product should assume full responsibility and liability for its use.

It's a drug test cheat

The Whizzinator is a prosthetic gadget like genuine penis. It's made to conceal SYNTHETIC PEE at the correct temp for drug tests. Easy and affordable and affordable, this product provides the ideal choice for anyone needing to pass their drug test quickly and efficiently.

Many marijuana smokers fear the negative consequences of failing a urine test can lead to them losing their jobs and facing jail time, but there is an option to skip the test for urine drugs without getting caught cheating! The Whizzinator is a fake penis wearable by men that need to pass urine tests. With its waist strap design and its pouch filled with powdered urine and heating pads that create a suitable conditions for testing the body's temperature, this device makes concealment possible.

It's legal product

Whizzinator Kit is a device created to assist people in passing urine test for drugs. In the market for the past 16 years and with numerous positive customer reviews, it simulates the human urination using synthetic urine in order to pass any test, that includes DUI and DOT tests or random tests to screen for drugs. In order to get the most effective results, it's vital that instructions are strictly follow.

It is the Whizzinator kit is a discreet device that is designed to aid patients avoid testing for urine by providing fake urine. It includes a surgical-grade pouch with a real rubber belt and prosthetic; along with a syringe as well as heating pads for introducing the mixture of synthetic urine into the false penis using a syringe. Heating pads ensure accurate temperature.

The Whizzinator may be legal but its use in the wrong way could result in death. It could be used in order to skip compulsory urine drug testing, or even for sexual use or for sexual purposes - all of which could breach guidelines for parole or probation. Be aware of this SYNTHETIC PEE in the link.

Whizzinator Touch Kit Whizzinator Touch Kit is a sophisticated prosthetic penis that appears as its real counterpart. It also matches skin tones perfectly, that is designed to hold fake urine specimens that be able to pass drug tests, with more than 95% of success According to the manufacturer. Before using this touch kit, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Whizzinator includes fake penis, a storage container to store synthetic urine and heating pads that help regulate temperature, as well being accompanied by detailed instructions, and a money back guarantee in case it doesn't fulfill your expectations. It is a well-liked device by those who want to cheat a drug test and also actors seeking ways to hide their body during scene scenes of urination in movies and television shows. Available in several skin colors and containing synthetic urine known by the name of Gold'n Shower that froths and tastes exactly like genuine urine, its acceptance continues. Visit the official website to get complete insights about FAKE PEE.

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