About Where Freedom Speaks

Warning: You are now entering the sovereign domain of WhereFreedomSpeaks.com

Behind these doors, you will find advocates of free speech and free enterprise, proponents of a strong national defense, champions of limited government, apostles of self-reliant rugged individualism, and God-loving defenders of liberty, freedom, and the American Way. Should any of these offend you, you have been warned.

WhereFreedomSpeaks.com is a free-speech zone. We will aggressively defend our first and second amendment rights, for they are the deadliest enemies of tyranny.

WFS provides a social platform powered by the First Amendment where free and open discussion advocating the principles of our Founding Fathers, free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty, capitalism, the second amendment, traditional American values, and a strong national defense dwell and exist without censorship from those who seek to remove or curtail our God-given freedoms as defined in our founding documents.

WFS is headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida and home to American patriotic discussion and family entertainment. Launched in March of 2022, WFS features microblogging, video, and social networking forums that champion classical liberal ideals celebrated in the Declaration of Independence, and the republic form of government as defined in the United States Constitution. As US veteran's and patriots of liberty, we believe that communism is best addressed by the business end of an AR-15.

WFS collects as little data as possible on our users. Our platform does not tolerate anti-Americanism, communist infiltration, woke subversion, violence, vulgarity, doxing or discourteous behavior.

Semper Fi

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